Titan Premium Homes

Titan is a Vancouver-based construction company that provides premium residential construction services. PLAYHEADS rebranded and created a unique identity as Titan’s key step in differentiating themselves from their competitors in the construction industry.

The overall brand communicates profession and meticulousness while showcasing a promising image to the customers on providing premium quality construction services.

The brand identity design adopts an industrial style, with white and dark blue as the main color tone. As the symbol of light, white colour is often used in commercial designs to bring a sense of pureness. It is bright, clean, smooth, simple, and elegant.

The logo incorporates elements of the tools involved in the construction process, with wood, nails, and ties cleverly combined into the structure of the letter T. The combination of the collision of textures and graphics fully reflects the company’s professionalism and meticulousness, as well as its efforts to integrate craftsmanship into the smallest details.