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Integrating strategy, design, and technology into cross-cultural branding and marketing innovations


Carrying different cultural identities, we see the world with open eyes and acknowledge differences. We intend to build connections between Eastern and Western cultures through mindful works with global thinking.
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We never settle for satisfaction. As Confucius says: “When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers.” Crafts or perspectives, we are constantly growing and evolving, diligently, relentlessly.


We are strong believers that branding is more than just the visuals, marketing the sales. We challenge stereotypes and seek collaborations with talents from all industries and cultural backgrounds to implement the brightest ideas into our services.

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We strive to bring our talent and expertise to ambitious clients who share a global vision and anticipate building strong connections with their audience through ingenious brand aesthetics, creative marketing campaigns, and frontier business management technologies.

Brand Strategy

Compile strategic plans that shape the future of ambitious brands

Chinese Marketing Strategy 

Help brands tap into the world’s fastest-growing consumer market

WeChat Strategy

Develop digital strategies targeting the WeChat ecosystem to help brands release their full potential

Advertising Strategy

Provide tailored advertising plans that match marketing goals and optimize budget

Business Consulting

Offer consulting services to businesses wanting to expand their presence in mainland China

Visual Identity Design 

Create ingenious identity designs that visualize brands’ core values and aesthetics

Packaging Design 

Develop packaging designs that make products more appealing and memorable to customers

Web Design

Build up-to-date websites that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy to navigate

WeChat Official Account Management 

Elevate brands’ online presence over China’s dominant social media and marketing ecosystem

Chinese Media Advertising

Collaborate with Chinese media outlets to maximize brand awareness

Social Media Management 

Monitor brands’ social media performance and navigate digital marketing destinations

WeChat Experiences

Build customized mini programs & H5 pages which are essential to WeChat marketing

E-commerce Development 

Establish consumer-oriented eCommerce platforms and provide overseas payment solutions 

AI-powered Marketing Solutions

Accelerate business growth with cutting-edge marketing tools powered by data analysis and artificial intelligence

Commercial Videography 

Produce eye-catching video commercials that make brands stand out from the increasingly competitive consumer market

Product Photography

Generate appealing product images that are worth more than a thousand words

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Strategy keeps us focused and aligned when executing towards your goals.


We are experts at execution across the spectrum of creative, development and marketing tactics. Whatever tactics your strategy calls for, you’ll have the best people to deliver on them.


Optimization lets your brand adapt and evolve alongside the ever-changing digital media landscape.