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Out Of Step Taproom

Out of Step is that daily break in your routine. Throughout time, the greatest ideas and innovation have been formed in small hubs and environments.

Based in Sanlitun in Beijing, a neighbourhood known for its fashionable dining and nightlife scene, Out of Step not only offers specially selected Canadian craft beers and tasty food, it also serves as a hub and bridge for ideas to emerge and grow by connecting arts, fashion, and culture worldwide. 

PLAYHEADS had the pleasure of working closely with the founding team of Out of Step in 2017 throughout the whole creation process of this unique space.

From brand positioning, VI design, to packaging and interior design as well as marketing campaigns following its opening, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer our perspectives and expertise to help fully convey Out of Step’s brand philosophy through branding and marketing works. 

Greatly inspired by the Pacific Northwest craft beer culture, Out of Step inherited the minimal, casual, natural feeling of craft beer breweries in West Canada.