MySmartSpace provides intelligent security systems solutions to properties and enterprises in Vancouver. From monitoring systems to sensor controls, MySmartSpace connects customers with high-tech systems that best suit their needs. Partnering with PLAYHEADS, MySmartSpace was able to upgrade its marketing, branding, and visual design. 


PLAYHEADS transformed MySmartSpace’s brand image through simplistic yet sophisticated visuals. To ensure the design had maximum impact on MySmartSpace’s customers, PLAYHEADS took inspiration from minimalism and human psychology to deliver the company’s brand message. The rectangular logo and neutral theme represent balance and reliability, which are also MySmartSpace’s core values. PLAYHEADS also incorporated sleek, chic, and futuristic aspects into MySmartSpace’s branding, which shows the company’s advanced technology and premium service. In a future-forward world, MySmartSpace has helped thousands of people improve their homes through technology. PLAYHEADS successfully helped My Smart Space deliver its mission to the world.