Branding, Packaging Design, Digital Marketing
2013 - Present


HuTong is the name given to the narrow streets that surround traditional Chinese dwellings in Beijing. Intertwined like veins, these centuries-old, tree-lined alleyways define the unique city of Beijing and are a real-life link to the city’s fascinating past. HU TONG brings authentic Chinese food to the pacific northwest, creating a fusion between traditional Chinese culture and Western influences. Located on West Broadway, this restaurant is known for its Peking Duck.

PLAYHEADS transformed what was originally a small restaurant into a brand with a story to tell. Through PLAYHEADS’ help, HU TONG became a community of passionate people who came together to create a welcoming space for each customer that steps inside their door. Some of the work PLAYHEADS provided HU TONG included graphic design, rebranding, logo design, and website design. PLAYHEADS successfully transformed this local restaurant into something more than just a place to eat.