Branding, Art Direction

Dr. Face Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Dr.Face is a medical aesthetic clinic determined to provide professional cosmetic consultation in the Asian perspective since 2004 across Vancouver and Macao.

Conceiving beauty beyond aesthetic superficiality, Dr.Face’s values are translated in the art direction that they do not suggest one singular way of beauty, but diverse. The simple yet unambiguous belief that beauty of diversity is revealed here in the thoughtful, considered visual identity design.

Following in-depth market research and brand discovery, we set our sights on orchids, the symbol of elegance and beauty when developing brand designs for Dr. Face.

The logo is inspired and based on the form of an orchid, with a simplified geometric diamond shape used to unfold the design. It is a reimagining and conceptual expression of orchid and is intended to convey the unique brand philosophy of Dr. Face with the elegance of the orchid harmoniously intertwined with the rationality of the diamond shape.