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Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge

Vancouver’s very first 3D holographic projected karaoke lounge bar, Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge is a high-end, exclusive entertainment brand launched by K Ge Zhi Wang (K歌之王) in collaboration with Louis XIII.

In the 1920s, an esthetic trend of colorful, geometrically shaped, luxurious, and symmetrical began to emerge in the streets of America. From classical extravagance to modernity, intertwined with the rise of party culture, the Jazz Age not only glorified a life of luxury and dissipation, but also inspired the pursuit of art and freedom.

DecoNova went from there to the world. Comfortable and characterful luxury (Art Deco) + a moment to shine (Nova) is the inspiration for the name DecoNova, a name that also carries a unique brand philosophy.

From market research, brand positioning, VI design, to digital marketing strategy and campaign executions, we helped DecoNova build up a unique brand identity which is greatly inspired and influenced by Jazz culture and echoes with DecoNova’s brand philosophy.