Clickdishes app

ClickDishes is a Canadian mobile ordering service provider. Launched in 2017, ClickDishes partners with restaurants to offer their consumers the ability to order in-app, streamlining to-go ordering, dine-in eating, and payment services. Starting 2020, ClickDishes expanded their services to Japan and China. ClickDihses China aims to introduce AI-based smart convenience stores to local consumers.  


In 2021, to accommodate the brand’s business development in China, ClickDishes commissioned PLAYHEADS to work on the rebranding project, which includes the design of ClickDishes’ Chinese logo, mascot, emojis, slogans, and a full list of brand applications ranging from business cards to shopping bags.


Both the Chinese logo font and the 3D mascot are inspired by the brand pursuit of “technology, speed, convenience and accessibility”. In terms of font design, we chose to use a clean and simple font style while incorporating lightning elements in the font. The prototype of the mascot is a rabbit, which is known for its speed and dexterity. The lightening symbols in the ears and chubby figure brought a sense of cuteness to the mascot while delivering brand message.