Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge

Branding, Website, E-commerce · 2020 Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge Vancouver’s very first 3D holographic projected karaoke lounge bar, Deco Nova Eatery & Lounge is a high-end, exclusive entertainment brand launched by K Ge Zhi Wang (K歌之王) in collaboration with Louis XIII. In the 1920s, an esthetic trend of colorful, geometrically shaped, luxurious, and symmetrical […]

HU TONG Chinese Bistro

PLAYHEADS transformed what was originally a small restaurant into a brand with a story to tell. HU TONG became a community of passionate people who came together to create a welcoming space for each customer that steps inside their door.

MySmartSpace Intelligent Security System Solutions

MySmartSpace provides intelligent security systems solutions to properties and enterprises in Vancouver. PLAYHEADS transformed MySmartSpace’s brand image through simplistic yet sophisticated visuals.

ClickDishes App

In 2021, to accommodate the brand’s business development in China, Canadian food delivery company ClickDishes commissioned PLAYHEADS to work on the rebranding project, which includes the design of ClickDishes’ Chinese logo, mascot, emojis, slogans, and a full list of brand applications ranging from business cards to shopping bags.

Boil It World Malatang

Branding, Website, Packaging Design, Marketing · 2020 Boil it world Malatang Ask any Chinese friend you know of to choose only one item that can represent Chinese street food, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear the word Malatang repeatedly.  Originated from Sichuan Province, Malatang is THAT beloved food item with millions of followers worldwide. Utilizing […]

Chen Ol’ Duck Tasty Lab

Branding, Packaging Design, Digital Marketing · 2019 Chen Ol’ Duck Tasty Lab Known for its delicious and additive-free braised duck meat, Chen Ol’ Duck Tasty Lab is a deli and take-out food bar based in Richmond, BC, Canada. In 2019, PLAYHEADS helped Chen Ol’ Duck with its rebranding through repositioning and brand identity upgrading. Through […]

Markus J Hair

Rebranding, E-commerce · 2021 Markus J Hair Markus J is a one-of-a-kind, Vancouver-based women’s and men’s hair salon that commemorates the beauty and diversity of all kinds of hair. With 30 years of experience in the industry, the salon is well-known and respected within the Vancouver community. However, despite Markus J’s long history, the brand […]

Nido de Montessori

Branding, Interior Design · 2018 Nido de Montessori In 2018, we were commissioned by our client, Nido de Montessori, to provide early childhood education branding solutions including identity design, brand positioning, and supervision over the interior design process.  Nido means nest in Italian. With its friendly and experienced team of early childhood educators, Nido de […]

Eye:Lab Doctors of Optometry

Branding, Identity · 2018 Eye:Lab Doctors of Optometry Eye:Lab is a Vancouver-based optometry clinic with a team of optometrists specialized in Myopia Management and Vision Therapy. Their goal is to maximize vision to the fullest potential for their clients through technology.  After rebranding, Eye:Lab received much positive feedback from customers and has successfully established itself […]

Dr. Face Medical Aesthetic Clinic

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