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Boil it world Malatang

Ask any Chinese friend you know of to choose only one item that can represent Chinese street food, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear the word Malatang repeatedly. 

Originated from Sichuan Province, Malatang is THAT beloved food item with millions of followers worldwide. Utilizing special cooking techniques, Boil It World offers healthy Malatang options that bring unique, spicy, and refreshing tastes to customers in Metro Vancouver. 

In 2020, PLAYHEADS spearheaded the rebranding project for Boil It World.

Following a wide range of market explorations and discussions with the clients, we decided to implement 8bit game elements in the entire brand design process which echoes with the client’s expectation of creating a brand that not only satisfies customers taste buds, but also serves as a time machine that brings customers back to the days when they were young. 

By applying the 8bit-style logo and mascots into product packaging, interior design, and online marketing campaigns, we helped the client to create a one-of-a-kind adventure-game-themed dining experience for customers.